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You can use InterSystems Package Manager(IPM) to list all the members of production and distribute it to another machine (e.g. your client) via the IPM registry, or using zpmhub.

E.g. you can install several EnsDemo productions as one package:

USER>zpm "install irishealth-ensdemo"

Or recently I published an example of a very simple CSV data transformation production that you can install as one line:

USER>zpm "install esh-i14y-csv"

And here is how all the modules of production depicted in a module.xml.

Yes, there is, at least "everything" IRIS is aware of, so some item maybe missing but can be added.

In SMP, Iteroperability -> List -> Productions, select the production and click "Export" button.

Or, open production configuration, production settings, actions, Export button.

All production items are selected and you can manually add additional classes/components like search tables, custom schema, deployable system default settings, data transformations, etc.

Then, when you deploy your production you can also create a rollback file, in case you want to rollback, see: