· Jun 22, 2018

Is there a way to delete a class package on the server from Atelier?

When I delete a class package, it seems to delete it from my workspace but the delete action is not synchronized with the server. Is there a way to delete this package both locally and on the connected server within Atelier?

#UPDATE - Added product version information
Atelier version: 1.2.118 (Beta)
Caché $ZV: Cache for UNIX (IBM AIX for System Power System-64) 2017.2 (Build 744) Fri Sep 29 2017 11:04:53 EDT

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Francisco is completely correct. As a quick follow-up: Your Atelier Explorer view is a representation of the local copies of source code that you are working with. When you delete something from the Atelier (or Project) Explorer you are deleting that local copy, not the file from source.

If you want to delete from a server you need to use the Server Explorer, or go directly to your instance (or a source control repository if that's where your source code lives).