Minsu Kim · May 11, 2018

Is there a significant performance gap? (Cache Object vs SQL)

Hello Global masters!

I developed Web with Spring framework (JAVA, Jdbc Cache) and I wrote SQL when I made it.

And Window program with VB6, Cache Object and VisM.

Is there a significant performance gap? SQL and Cache Object?

same function, same computer performance just different Java and VB6.

Thank you.


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I'd recommend JAVA, JDBC Cache, SQL it's a strong and fast combination with strong support,

VB6 is far out of date
VisM is a remainder from before Caché times.

So it's rather an issue of compatibility, maintenance, support  than performance

Objects vs. SQL is depending on what you try to achieve.
Object access is can be an advantage for large and complex objects that you need as a whole item.
As you mention VB6 + VisM the original author probably wasn't very comfortable with SQL at his time.

There's certainly a performance gap. The significance depends on what you're trying to do. For most jobs it'll be very very insignificant.  In general SQL is a little bit faster than Object access, however Object access provides other benefits in terms of code clarity and reusability. In the case of interacting with Cache from other languages (e.g Java/Spring) then SQL will be preferred for lots of reasons. The main one being that SQL, as Robert Cemper said, it's a well supported and known language.