· Apr 5, 2017

Is there an idiot proof walkthrough tutorial for setting up Caché 2013.1.6 license usage monitoring?

I know there's a whole chapter on the subject but I would love a super simple video demo or sample configuration or training course. The myriad menu of options and unfamiliar prompts can make it a bit daunting. The challenge is simple. Send an email notification if the license usage exceeds n% LU consumption.  Why? A recent software change seemed to be responsible for causing the LU total consumption to reach 100%. That means users can't get logged in and support staff can't access the System Management Portal. A pretty daunting situation I am sure you all would agree.

I have managed to use the Health Monitor to write alerts in a SystemMonitor.log (but no email). I have tried to use the Application Monitor with the %Monitor.System.License class enabled but the ^%SYSMONMGR option 4 status for %SYS.Monitor.AppMonSensor is either "None" or blank.  The Test email option works normally so there are no issues with my email configuration.  Are there any idiot proof articles I've missed that discuss the subject? I spotted an Ensemble online course on creating alerts but nothing specific to Caché.

Any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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I've written COS that uses $System.License object to check license counts. Just loop every X seconds and use COS to send yourself an email or text when LU exceeds your threshold.

Depending on your user habits, app software, platform and InterSystems license Cache users can exceed the max before you know.

And yes, once users exceed limits it's difficult to remote troubleshoot. We ended up stopping new users from signing on before user limit was reached.

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