Warren Hornsby · Apr 26, 2018

Sync problems on startup

Often, the first time I start up Eclipse (Atelier plug-in), all of my local classes indicate "warning" as if they are out-of-sync. When I  try to synchronize, I get the following error:

Synchronization failed: [server is broken] java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Provider org.glassfish.jersey.internal.RuntimeDelegateImpl could not be instantiated: java.lang.IllegalStateException: No generator was provided and there is no default generator registered

The only way to correct this is to shut down Eclipse and restart. Is there a resolution for this?

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This sounds like a problem that has been reported previously. I recommend you contact the WRC with your environment details (Eclipse version, Atelier version, Cache'/Ensemble/InterSystems IRIS version, OS flavor) and they should be able to get you sorted quickly.

Like you, I get this error and find that simply stopping and restarting Eclipse resolves it.

I'm using Eclipse Oxygen (fully up-to-date) on 64-bit Windows 10, with the most recent publicly available version of Atelier 1.1 (IIRC, build 391).