· Jan 8, 2019

Survey: using Tableau or Power BI with InterSystems products


As we announced at our Global Summit in October, we are developing dedicated connectors for a number of third-party data visualization tools for InterSystems IRIS. With these connectors, we want to combine an excellent user experience with optimal performance when using those tools to visualize data managed on InterSystems IRIS Data Platform.

If you are already using Tableau or Power BI products to access our data platform through their respective generic ODBC connectors today, we're interested in learning more about your experiences thus far and would be very grateful if you could spend a few minutes on our survey.


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@Carmen Logue 
Thanks, Carmen!  I'm not sure I can add too much to your Alpha development I personally haven't been using the OBDC to connect into Cache.  What I do know is that some other groups have used ODBC to connect into Cache with SQL projections.  

My team want's to avoid projections specifically (at this point at least) because we tend to only use them to get data from Cache to our Data Warehouse (Oracle).  Other than that, we still traverse our database via globals and good old MUMPS programming.  The project I'm working on is taking those many many routines that we have that traverse globals for reporting, and transforming the data to JSON streams.  An %CSP.REST API will call those routines and provide the data to a Tableau web data connector so we can get instant, live data without projecting our whole database.  

I'm just getting start with Tablaue and Cache so I may have some more input in the future.