Lucy Arnold · Aug 3, 2016

studio - how to edit class that has been locked



I'm using studio for the first time.  I copied the Security.Users Class to my own UCDavis.Security.Users

I can't edit the copied file.  I totally get why I can't edit the Security.Users class - but why is it stopping me from editing the class I created??


Thanks in advance!



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There is no error - my cursor looks like a tiny lock and when you select text and try to delete it..nothing happens..

Are you in %SYS namespace? Underlying database (CACHELIB) is probably mounted as read-only.


if you are using Studio for the first time, why did you start with copying system class?

Class Security.Users is in 'deployed mode'. You can see properties and method's headers, but you cannot see code behind the methods. The class that you copied Security.Users to -- UCDavis.Security.Users -- now is also in deployed mode.

More info about deployed mode:

Please tell us, what is the end goal, that you are trying to achieve? Why do you need to copy Security.Users?

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