· Jan 30, 2018

Studio Equivalent Keys in Atelier

Well my last post got cut off for some reason. I am trying the new beta and wondering about the following functionality from Studio that I don't find in Atelier:

F12 = Open the routine and jump to the tag of the current call the cursor is on in a routine

F2 / <Ctrl> F2 = jumping to a bookmark / toggling a bookmark

<Ctrl> G = Jump to a tag in the code

When might these things be in Atelier? I use them a lot in Studio and the absence of these really slows me down.

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The "open declaration" doesn't seem to work when editing a routine (int code).  F12 would open that routine in a new tab and jump to the correct tag. Atelier just beeps and reports "Current text selection does not resolve to a Script element".

The Eclipse bookmarks are cumbersome and not nearly as convenient as Studio. I don't want to give it some bookmark name, I just want to mark that location like I could in Studio. A simple on/off toggle is all I need. That way I could mark a spot and quickly jump back there as necessary. It is extremely useful.

The Atelier/Eclipse equivalent for jumping to a class/routine/macro referenced in the code you are looking at is F3 (or Open Declaration in the right-click context menu):

I don't know of an exact Eclipse equivalent for Studio's bookmarks. An Eclipse bookmark can be set on the line your cursor is at by going to Edit > Add Bookmark. Then you can open the Bookmarks View (Window > Show View > Bookmarks) to see a list of your bookmarks and double-click them to navigate to that line in the code:

The go to tag+offset feature is still in development for Atelier. It is a very high priority and should be coming in an upcoming version soon.

Here are another couple of keyboard shortcuts that I often use for Eclipse/Atelier navigation:

Ctrl+O (or cmd+O on a Mac) shows Atelier's Quick Outline, where you can see a list of members for a given class/routine. Hitting ctrl/cmd+O again shows the inherited members. You can start typing in this view to narrow down the members listed:

I also use Eclipse's go back and forward navigation commands to jump back and forth as I'm viewing/editing code. To go back you can use Navigate > Back, ctrl+[ on Windows or cmd+[ on Mac. To go forward it's Navigate > Forward, ctrl+] or cmd+].

Ctrl+Shift+R and Ctrl+Shift+T (again, cmd instead of ctrl on a Mac) can be used to open a resource or an Atelier class/routine, respectively, that exists in a local project. The "Open Atelier Class/Routine" dialog (Ctrl+Shift+T) will show server-side files in an upcoming version of Atelier.

There is also a page in the documentation on Atelier equivalents for Studio actions here.