Hansel Stange Gaete · Feb 18, 2020

Starting Mirror Failure

Hi, simple mirror starting for first time, primary server give me : 

AddVirtualAddress failed, cannot become primary: Host at...

Some ideas to try ?

Working on RedHat 7 and Iris 2019.2
-Virtual IP

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Hi Hansel,

For a mirroring issue usually the full context of all mirror members is usually important to understand a problem, whereas a singular message may not paint the whole picture.

This error in particular (you included an excerpt, but I have seen it before) indicates that this instance is unable to take over the VIP, so you may want to check if the VIP is available or if it may be assigned to a different machine as the rest of the error message would indicate.

Is so confused, after many documentation reviews and some probably network problems resolved,  error still alive


2 new server iris

1 arbiter

4 IP addresss

/etc/hosts fixed with all ip definitions :

serverpri X.X.X.67
serversec X.X.X.65
servervip X.X.X.85
serverarb X.X.X.99

Network Mask

Last Error  journal: InterSystems IRIS(IRIS)[2226]: AddVirtualAddress failed, cannot become primary: Host at osirispri:2188 ISCAgent answered :ERR:Failed to initialize config info.

I think something is wrong inside Primary, but a don't have any clue


I create :




systemctl restart iscagent

After that file /var/log/iscagent_console.log, no more empty file.

no more errors after that

you shouldn't need to give the ISCAgent root permissions to get it to work. you should contact the WRC, so we can take a look at this system to avoid this workaround.


A common problem for users setting up mirroring for the first time is to add the IP intended to be used for the Virtual IP directly to the machine before creating the mirror. That IP address needs to be free (unassigned) when you create the mirror, so that mirroring itself can assign the IP to the interface.