· Sep 13, 2021

SQL - use specific index

Hello Community,

we want to use a specific index on our sql-class.

The index we want to use is called "iFilter".
Currently we use the following technique of ignoring all other indices because the automatically chosen index is always too slow. 

SELECT TOP 100 d0.ID FROM %IGNOREINDEX Belegindex %IGNOREINDEX KundenNrGlobalindex %IGNOREINDEX Rechnungsnummerindex %IGNOREINDEX Erfassungsartindex %IGNOREINDEX Belegsuche %IGNOREINDEX DatumAuftragindex %IGNOREINDEX OnlineBestellnummerindex %IGNOREINDEX Belegnummerindex %IGNOREINDEX KundenNrGlobalindex %IGNOREINDEX VAMindex %IGNOREINDEX BelegnummerbeiLagerLagerBestellungIndex %IGNOREINDEX iStatusSolr db.BelegeKopf AS d0 WHERE (((d0.KundenNr = 'BUKR01')) AND d0.ErfassungsartBez IN ('AB', 'AN') AND d0.DatumAuftrag >= '2020')

Do you know of a better/shorter way to resolve this?


Best regards.

Florian Hansmann

Product version: Caché 2018.1
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