Lewis Houlden · Aug 26, 2021

Specific error code for messages that are manually aborted by a user

New to Health Connect so please forgive me if this is a stupid question! Is there a specific error code returned when a user initiates an abort from the jobs tab of the business host? I want to be able to treat the Abort as Completed due to our complex business process. Currently, hitting abort just retries the message to the same business operation. Want I want to do is provide the error code used by the Abort (if there is one) and treat it as OK

Thanks in advance.

Product version: IRIS 2019.1
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Hello Lewis,

In my experience, aborting doesn't retry a message. I wonder if something in your production is resending the message? Do you see anything in the logs that speak to what is happening?

This may be worth opening a WRC about - if you do, I would be interested in hearing what you end up finding out.

@Lewis Houlden 
If you stop a process from the Management portal you have the option to launch an <RESJOB>  error in $ZE
this allows you to clean out the message that triggered your process.
If not, the triggering message remains unprocessed in the queue.
Which results in the retry you see.

Thank you @Vic Sun @Eduard Lebedyuk and Robert for all responding to this query. I've realised that our Business Process were set to E=R which is was causing it to re-attempt immediately after abortin the message from the operation. As the operations are retry indefinitely unless aborted, we've settled for E=D, which means we can then abort from the process. Thanks again. Lewis