· Apr 20, 2018

Special Character API


Made a request for API REST.

Using HTTP Request adapter.

Adapter As EnsLib.HTTP.OutboundAdapter

Outside the Ensemble an API response is JSON (CORRECT)

Answer in Ensemble: =?Á

ÔºQZéýNÕ V{C?óò?b¢?éÍ )$ 
²5Å?wEë? ??©tÖã1z×2FëÊnôeË æ??]Zßq ܺ?á

Help me.

Thank you

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Set tHttpRequest = ##Class(%Net.HttpRequest).%New()

Set tHttpRequest.ContentType = "application/json" 

Set ..Adapter.HTTPServer = ""

Set ..Adapter.SSLConfig  = "SSL"

Set ..Adapter.ProxyHTTPS = 1

Set ..Adapter.URL        = "/test/api/test/test"

Set tStringJSON = "{""t"":""IWESJ7/aZAurD2xnBALbQ4TAkZkitaw86mSEcOCoq2kFqdtPYBPbRjufNcT8YSmYmh6Riy9XlHUjX89RoIiqMxuUlPHeTloCpDULKrfybA3kcOiPmJn3Nc5y4IxODS+QA/qSs17iC7ts2cKorAY1jlDkLHYrep4cNXnvRNRoclu8cXWxtj8tE3ChrB4lDHmTwW6HZIUFSjphe4gCFF39jRB4VKFCLvtbT5MwvfVo2uNbHbJQGf+dSqRt/Tx7zFNmFlUi/vl0EuW6xCEWvsD85r9sApBbG8eX4axg1TcoeMV00FPjiRiGCn/NIdSMyNC/dIDbl69D9t1dgkhRtDY4ZA=="", ""page"": ""1"", ""onlyActives"": ""true"", ""userId"": ""838""}"

Set tData(1) = tStringJSON

Set tSC = ..Adapter.SendFormDataArray(.tHttpResponse,"POST",tHttpRequest,,.tData)

Set tText = tHttpResponse.Data.Read()

you didn't get me. The browsers make something unreadable and useless out of it.

That's just rubbish


ÔºQZéýNÕ V{C?óò?b¢?éÍ )$ 
²5Å?wEë? ??©tÖã1z×2FëÊnôeË æ??]Zßq ܺ?á

pls do:

SET tText tHttpResponse.Data.Read()
WRITE tHttpResponse.Data.Size

So we see the real HEX_content , eventual control characters, ...  and the received number of characters
Similar to your request the response is encrypted. Eventually,  it can be decoded. 

Size: 149

Set tJSON = "{""t"":""x"", ""page"": ""1"", ""onlyActives"": ""true"", ""userId"": ""838""}"
Set httprequest=##class(%Net.HttpRequest).%New()
Set httprequest.ContentType = "application/json" 
Do httprequest.SetHeader("ContentType","application/json")
set httprequest.SSLConfiguration="SSL"
set httprequest.Https=1
set httprequest.Server=""
set httprequest.Port=443
set tSC = httprequest.EntityBody.Write(tJSON)
set tSc = httprequest.Post("/api/api/api/list",)
SET tText = httprequest.HttpResponse.Data.Read()
WRITE httprequest.HttpResponse.Data.Size

you got a reply of 149 characters!

And what was the result of ZZDUMP tText?

It should look similar to  this:

0000: 3F C1 0A C2 30 20 0A 3F 5F 65 E4 2C 63 D2 0A 9D         ?Á.Â0 .?_eä,cÒ..
0010: 27 3D 0A 2A 5E 3C 59 D9 46 A1 ED 24 ED BC C8 DE         '=.*^<YÙF¡í$í¼ÈÞ
0020: DD 74 20 0A 6F C9 F7 FD 24 3F 7C 0A A4 31 A1 7B         Ýt .oÉ÷ý$?|.¤1¡{
0030: 44 E2 68 E0 B0 DD 3F D6 F9 29 32 F3 73 3F 3F 52         Dâhà°Ý?Öù)2ós??R
0040: 3F B8 BC 3F BA 64 3F 24 2C F1 44 2B BB 3F 3F 0A         ?¸¼?ºd?$,ñD+»??.
0050: 3F 20 0A D4 BA 51 5A E9 FD 4E D5 20 56 7B 43 3F         ? .ÔºQZéýNÕ V{C?
0060: F3 F2 3F 62 A2 3F E9 CD 20 29 24 20 0A B2 35 C5         óò?b¢?éÍ )$ .²5Å
0070: 3F 77 45 EB 3F 20 3F 3F A9 74 D6 E3 31 7A D7 32         ?wEë? ??©tÖã1z×2
0080: 46 EB CA 6E F4 65 CB 20 E6 3F 3F 5D 5A DF 71 20         FëÊnôeË æ??]Zßq
0090: DC BA 3F E1 0A                                          Üº?á.

I filled in the marked characters to get to your received size. The real value could help as there is a bunch of controls that could trigger a newline.

The thing looks somehow encoded / encrypted or just binary.
Do you have information on source system ?   (the url is definitely faked)


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