· Jan 26, 2017

SOAP.OutboundAdapter HttpResponse doesn't handle large response [SOLVED]

Hi all,

Sorry to bother frown

I have a Business Object with SOAP.OutboundAdapter and it gets the response from a WebApi.

Following the sample Creating REST Services and Clients with Ensemble - Developing a REST Operation, I've done the call and it retrieves a JSon with the information. The result is a JSon with a Base64 content (at least 15000 bytes)

I've put a trace to check the content  with $$$TRACE(tHttpResponse.Data.Read() I have a cut result (to 1200 character), so the JSonStreamToObject is not able to allocate the full result into a object.

is there any way to handle more character in HttpResponse or is about SOAP.OutboundAdapter configuration?

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Hi all,

I've found the "ghost in the code". The problem was the JSon structure has some fields with "_" as part of the name of the property. When it tries to convert JSon to a class, this kind of name is not good for ensemble.

How have I solved? easy... replacing the content and remove all "_" (I'm sure that there is not values with "_")

    set content = tHttpResponse.Data.Read()
    set content = $REPLACE(content,"_","") // Remove all _ as part of the field name
    set objJson = ##class(%DynamicObject).%FromJSON(content)

    set b64 = objJson.Result.RES.DATA.DATAB64   // Instead of DATA_B64

Take care with this problem if you are developing Api and Cache wink

Best regards