Eduard Lebedyuk · Nov 9, 2018

Simplifying the editor

Do you think our editor has too many unused features?

I propose removing some, so it would look nice & clean!

Here's some buttons that I think we really can let go. 

What do you think?

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I think we should keep the text background color button.

I oppose:

- all text coloring, fonts sizes help to express the importance of text. 

- text from right to left  is only useful for Hebrew or Arabic writing:  not my world

- special characters help a lot if you don't have them on your keyboard   ¿isn't it ? my 2 ¢

-  what's bad with smileys?  crying

I do spell checking with Grammarly. the embedded only confused me.

Source could need an improvement to wrap the text in the window. The single line display is cumbersome.

I would like to see more features, if possible I would like the option of using Microsoft Word as an editor.

Just export a blank document, invoke Word and then import it, I don't see much difficulty in that,

but then again, I won't be doing it.

I would not get rid of the anchor, nor insert a special character, nor the smileys,  nor background color, nor the font.