Mario Birk · Sep 21, 2017

Searching Refactoring tool

Hello everybody,
we would like to be able to analyze a rather complex software application, which has been programmed in “M” for a number of years by different developers, by means of a tool.
Our goal is to find a starting point for a code refactoring process. In the long run we would like to gradually eliminate the code growth points.
Does anyone know of a tool that can help us to do this?
So far, we have only found "RE / m" etc. by George James Software, but we do not yet know if these tools will help.

Your support and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Have you looked at CacheQuality, and demo available online?

Currently, it is mostly working with classes, parsing for routines added in the latest release. But I'm looking to add better support for routines as well.

As well as our RE/* tools please also consider Yuzinji.

In addition to the main UI that is illustrated in the short video here, the output from Yuzinji can also be browsed in a web app. An example is available at where you can get some insights into how a couple of codebases have changed over time. One comes from the InterSystems SAMPLES namespace, and the other is from [@Eduard Lebedyuk]'s RESTForms project.

Hi Mario!

As metioned above, please visit the official CachéQuality website and the online Demo. From the official website you can require a demo license, so you will have a full version of CachéQuality to analyze all your code and check the tool features.

From the analysis, we do checks on code based on rules to find bugs, vulnerabilities and other code issues, but also we do a lot of measures of your project, like Technical Debt, Cyclomatic Complexity, CBO, DIT, WIT, LCOM4, RFC, Halstead, ...

Those metrics will help you to take decisions about which parts of code you should start refactoring.

If you need any more info or a walkthrough, please contact me.