· Jun 8, 2021

Scripted copy of Healthshare Instance

We need to upgrade from Healthshare 2016.2 to HealthConnect latest but we are too far behind the current version to do an upgrade in situ.

So I need to create a new instance of HealthConnect and the copy across all the database definitions, namespaces and classes.

I know its possible to script this stuff and pull all the definitions out of the old Healthshare system and then apply them to the new HealthConnect instance.

Has anyone done anything like this before that they would be happy to share with me so I could use it as a starting point rather than re-invent the wheel again?



Product version: HealthShare 2016.2
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Hello Mike,

I don't have a sample for scripting it, but if you haven't seen it already, the IRIS server migration guide contains a list of items and methods for exporting them. I think it's a good reference for keeping in mind the things you might want to bring over.

Also, I might agree with Armin that doing a multi-stage upgrade could be easier - perhaps you've already identified a reason why it won't work for you though.