· Oct 3, 2018

Running Cache Studio on Linux


Is it possible to use Cache Studio on a Linux operating system? Maybe there are similar tools for Linux?

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Studio will run under Wine on Linux. I've not tried it myself, but others have reported it working ok. Just make sure you are using the latest version of Wine. I seem to remember there being one issue reported here, not sure if it was ever resolved...

Alternatively you could use AtelierSerenji or Visual Studio Code.

I've also listed some other editors on this page...


This week at Global Summit we announced extensions for Visual Studio Code that will provide Explorer, Editing, Debugging and Source Control for InterSystems IRIS, Cache and Ensemble.

Those at the GS conference we able to see all this being demonstrated at our partner pavilion booth.  We expect these extensions to be available in a month or so.

And to answer the original question directly,  I've been running Cache Studio on Linux Mint very successfully using Wine.  There are one or two glitches but they are mainly cosmetic and not unusual with many complex applications that run under Wine.



Indeed, one of our goals is to make it easy for Cache Studio users to adopt to vscode.  It will be very familiar to them.  While vscode is very lightweight it has many of the capabilities of the Eclipse platform without the complexity.

For those who don't know, Visual Studio Code is not the same as Visual Studio.  Although it is from Microsoft, It is free and open source and is gaining a lot of traction among developers everywhere.  Neither is it like Eclipse.  It's a nice tool that does its job very well.