Thembelani Mlalazi · Jan 15, 2018

Routing rule condition based on a schema property

Is it possible to reference a property on a schema in the routing rule for instance Document.SomeSchema.Property

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Could you pls. be a little bit more precise in what context you expect the reference?
A screenshot would be nice to explain your issue.

On the condition I would like to do something like this but I do not get the opportunity to actual get to the schema that I would like to reference to get to that. Message will be the root of my xml document Header an element with attribute Action @Robert.Cemper

I am supposed to use the EnsLib.MsgRouter.VDocRoutingEngine on the process and use the following syntax to get to the property level/

Document.{Property.Property} this works

You can access an element or attribute without loading a schema by using the "path" to the element or attribute. 

For an element called "name":


For an attribute  of "id" called  "extension":