Satish P · Oct 25, 2018

REST API support for Backup and Restore of Cache DB


We are trying to write an external backup application to backup Cache Database. After going through the Cache DB documentation, we have found that in Backup.General class there are methods for creating snapshot (Freeze/Thaw) which is required during backup. Are there REST APIs for the same?

Also we have the option of selecting individual DB instances in the management portal.  What are the methods/APIs of getting the DB list, so that user can select individual DB instances in an external backup application ? Do we have the methods/APIs to freeze/thaw the individual DB instances ?



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AFAIK, freezing and thawing is system-wide. It can't be done on a per-database level.

I'm not aware of any REST APIs being available 'out of the box' for Backup.General. But in any case it'd be useful to know what the $ZVERSION string is for the Cache instance(s) you're dealing with.


I was understanding the cluster configuration supported by the Cache. Have couple of queries around that:

1. In Cache version 2018.2, there is a shrading concept which splits the data of a Master Data server into multiple small data server which store shraded data.

How do we protect (backup and restore) such environment, should we also backup/restore the multiple small data servers along with  Master data server. Any documentation around this will really help.

2. In case of Cache DB Horizontal scaling, we keep adding multiple Application and data servers - to ensure load balancing - for performance.

Do we need to protect (backup and restore) individual Application and data servers separately ? Also is it possible to have two or more data servers in such env. having same instance name and database name.

I am not very pretty clear - on how to protect (backup and restore) above two environments. Request to please help me out here.


There are no built-in REST APIs to call the API's, but you could easily write one.

All the methods to retrieve the list and add/remove databases from the list are documented in the Backup.General class here. As John mentioned, there is no way to freeze or thaw individual databases; it is a system-wide operation.

I see you posted this as its own question here. I'll let others weigh in there.

If its OK for the DB to be off line for a little bit a simple kludge would be to use the SYS.Database DismountDatabase class method to dismount it and then when the copy is done use MountDatabase to mount it.