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Resources for InterSystems Beginner Developers: Learn From InterSystems Open Exchange Part 2

Hi Developers!

This is the second post on the resources for Developers. This part is about Open Exchange

Using Open Exchange to Learn InterSystems

InterSystems Open Exchange is a applications gallery of tools, connectors, and libraries which InterSystems Developers submit to share the experience, approaches and do business. All the applications are either built with InterSystems data platforms or are intended to use for development with InterSystems data platforms.

If you are a beginner developer you can take a look at applications in Technology Example category. All the applications in this category come with open source code repositories, so you are able to run the samples and examples in a docker container with IRIS on your laptop or in the cloud IRIS sandbox. Examples:


Also, check Tools and Developer Environment categories to use the tools for developers on InterSystems data platforms. These categories contain applications which he;p developers in their day-to-day work to speed up the development process, setup modern ways of change management and continuous integration. Examples:



Frameworks category will help you to leverage interoperability libraries with popular frameworks to develop your solutions with InterSystems faster. E.g. you can use Python, node.js, Laravel, etc to build solutions with IRIS. Examples:



Also, use stars sorting to learn which applications are more popular amongst InterSystems Developers. And subscribe to OpenExchange tag not to miss the announcements of Open Exchange applications and don't hesitate to ask your questions on DC.

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