· Sep 4, 2020

[Resolved] Task manager email notification


I created a task from Management portal  Task manager to use the Ens.Util.Tasks.Purge task . Task set up includes email notification setup for Completion email and error email.

This task is giving an error  and no email is generated: 

<CLASS DOES NOT EXIST>zSendMail+22^%SYS.TaskSuper.1 *Security.SSLConfigs

I tested all other task types available from Ens.Util.task but all are giving the same error.

Not sure if this Is this a bug or some missing configuration in the task setup ? Anyone noticed any similar issue or any idea how to fix this ? 

Thank you for your help.



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I'm not sure if it is because we are on an older version of Healthshare. But Our version of the Ens.Util.Tasks.Purge does not contain the two fields for the send completion email? If this is the case and you have modified the Ens.Util.Tasks package you should not directly modify these classes, you should create a task that extends Ens.Util.Tasks.Purge. 

As I suspect your Ens.Util.Tasks.Purge has been manually edited to include these properties we would need to see the code of the send method to see the error