· Apr 1, 2021

[Resolved] Management portal auto refresh

Does anyone know how to disable the auto-refresh in Healthshare, especially for Message viewer , Business process designer, DTL editor pages?  

These pages in management portal refresh every 15min( i.e. as per the session time out setting) . I tried to  set the following two configs to disable the auto refresh but both had no impact. 

set ^EnsPortal("DisableInactivityTimeout","Portal") = 1
set ^%SYS("Portal","EnableAutoRefresh") = 1


Thank you for your help. 


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Hi Jeffrey, 

I did try both option below but both had no impact on the behavior. 

set ^%SYS("Portal","EnableAutoRefresh")=0


set ^%SYS("Portal","EnableAutoRefresh")=1

Intersystem Documentation for this is a bit confusing for this one but what I understand is : setting EnableAutoRefresh =1 actually make automatic refreshes off by default.

set ^%SYS("Portal","EnableAutoRefresh") = 1

If you do so, a set of radio buttons appears on Management Portal pages that can be refreshed, enabling users to turn automatic refreshes on and off. On some pages, users can specify the refresh interval. Importantly, when you set the EnableAutoRefresh node to 1, automatic refreshes are off by default. 

I suspect Jeffrey is onto the right track here, but do note that as the documentation indicates, the optional auto-refresh feature and automatic logout behavior are separate settings.

Also, keep in mind that the automatic logout was added for security reasons. if you want to avoid logouts, another option would be to increase the session timeouts, but keep in mind how long you actually want users to stay logged in.