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There is no  Requirement for bandwidth that I'm aware of.  Studio uses ODBC to connect to the Server, and it will have to bring over the class/routine list in order for the open dialog to work, and if you have a large system this can take some time.  I think as long as Studio is getting information, though, that it should work (albeit slowly).  If you find Studio is working too slowly, you can import your project to a local instance and work off of that. 

Correct, bandwidth is not so much of an issue. Latency can be an issue as a high latency will make all actions that require server interaction be perceived slowly.

Also, you should be aware that Studio runs a server status check on a regular basis by default. If your latency or connection is bad you should increase the timeouts, otherwise, you will see a popup asking for a reconnection pretty often. The setting can be found here: Tools->Options, go to Environment->Advanced and take a look at the "Enable server status check" setting.