Scott Roth · May 29, 2018

request.GetValueAt Syntax to subfields

I have a vendor that is sending me an Abbreviation in FT1:16.4.2 that I need to look up against a table to find the correct ID for.

FT1|1|||20180523161501|20180523161503|CG|1906551^Lipid Profile|||1||||||^^^ LAB&06CL|||Z00.00||00410^Knerr^Joel||721410||30100001^Lipid Profile|

But in my Business Process when I refer to request.GetValueAt("FT1:16.4.2") its not recognizing that this field contains information. Is my syntax wrong?

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Assuming your separators are |~^&
and if I counted correctly than FT1:16.... is empty but FT1:17.4.2   is   06CL

When I look at the message in Message viewer it is showing 06CL as FT1:16.4.2