Thomas Schroyen · Jun 2

RENAME a file and MODIFY his name

Hi my fellows camrades,

I have a question that seems really simple but it's quite a pain in my ass right now.

I had to rename (take a file from a directory and move it to another) which is a .hl7. Whenever this file has been displaced, I have to change the extension from .hl7 to .OK without using the rename method. Maybe using the attribut?

Do you have any ideas how I could do it?

This should follow the step i have explained right before.

I have a service to take the file but i need an operation to rename it then change his name.

Thanks in advance for your help,


Product version: Caché 2018.1
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I see you have a file extension as Hl7. I have know idea what this is. But to move a file from one location to another

why not import the file to a %Stream.GlobalBinary stream them open into the correct new folder and then export the stream back into a new physical file with the new name.