John Murray · Mar 9, 2016

Relationship of the Atelier Beta to the 2016.2 Field Test

When I go to the 2016.2 FT download page I'm also offered a link to the Atelier Beta:

That link takes me to a page showing a date from the end of last year:

Is this one slipping behind the full 2016.2 FT program, or is the page showing outdated information?

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As I understood, the Atelier separate download was 'initial', you need to use the update features of Atelier (Eclipse) to get the latest client version.

But i agree that upgrading Cache/Ensemble FT 2016.2 should include the Atelier latest version

We continue to update both the client kits there and also the cloud server instance that supports it. Once you have Atelier installed you can upgrade it any time through the "Check for Updates" facility that is built in and get the latest kit. I upgraded my instance this way today!


I will have the text corrected as soon as possible

Was that repository URL pre-populated in your Atelier?

Maybe the response Dmitry gave to this post I created in the Atelier community will help you.

I think this post of mine may have predated the Question/Article distinction in DC, so the responses show as Comments rather than Answers. I'm adding this "answer", and then accepting it, in order to remove it from the "unanswered" and "no answer" lists.