· May 9, 2018

Redirect longer than 3972 characters is truncated

I need to redirect user to a url, which is 5000+ characters long.
To do that I set:

set %response.Redirect = url

However, in the browser I receive this header:

LOCATION: <First 3972 characters of the 'url' variable>

In WriteHTTPHeader method of %CSP.Response, where the LOCATION header is

Write "Location: ", <Redirect>,!

After I added a buffer flush, after the above-mentioned line:

Write *-3

Then in browser I received full, correct value of a LOCATION header.
Is there a better solution?
It's a rest API, so maybe there's some callback method I can override to flush the output buffer? Set device mode? Change buffer size?

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docs say:

 Sends any buffered output out the TCP connection; that is, executes a TCP SEND operation on the data in the output buffer.
If the data is compressed (/GZIP) stream data, *-3 sends the data without marking the compression endpoint.

I interpret this: 
up to some limit, it is sent somehow automatically
and the eventual rest needs to be pushed out manually or gets never sent or is to late.

???  surprise