Joao Palma · Jun 19, 2020

Read CData of Webservice XML response

Hi all

Does anyone have an easy way of reading the cdata in the xml response returned buy a Webservice?

At the moment I have a XML class and then I use read.Correlate() to read through that XML bit.  

However, depending on the message I have different things in the CData and I don't want to create a class for each one of these.

The API returns the cddata as KeyValueOfstringstring.

My idea would be to send to my method the cdata as a parameter which is the KeyValueOfstringstring part of the response message and then deal with it...

Any help would be appreciated...

Best Regards

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for the fixed part you still can use classic mapping.
for the variable section you may set  CONTENT = "MIXED"  for the containing property
and get the raw XML structure in hands .
You can then analyze this "inner" XML using class %XML.TestReader

Thank you Robert. That has worked.