Read CData of Webservice XML response

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Hi all

Does anyone have an easy way of reading the cdata in the xml response returned buy a Webservice?

At the moment I have a XML class and then I use read.Correlate() to read through that XML bit.  

However, depending on the message I have different things in the CData and I don't want to create a class for each one of these.

The API returns the cddata as KeyValueOfstringstring.

My idea would be to send to my method the cdata as a parameter which is the KeyValueOfstringstring part of the response message and then deal with it...

Any help would be appreciated...

Best Regards



for the fixed part you still can use classic mapping.
for the variable section you may set  CONTENT = "MIXED"  for the containing property
and get the raw XML structure in hands .
You can then analyze this "inner" XML using class %XML.TestReader