Ivan Tioh · Apr 11, 2017

[Python-Cache Binding] Unable to set $List property with 2D Python array

It is possible to update Cache object property from Python using the following Python code, with import of intersys.pythonbind3:


However, I am unable to save 2D %List with 2D Python array like the following:


I am not sure whether this is Python-Cache bind flaw or design issue. Is there any alternative/ workaround to do the same for above?

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Class my_class Extends %Persistent{

Property my_property As %List;



From Cache, I normally update my_property field with $lb($lb(...),$lb(...),...) data. So, I was expecting the following behaviors:


Our current Python binding only supports one dimensional lists.

I don't know of a work-around.

Please contact the WRC and discuss an enhancement request.  Product Management will decide whether the enhancement request is approved, and if approved when scheduled.


Jonathan Levinson

Senior Software Developer