In case anyone else facing the same issue and for future reference, I include here with my workaround for the error here.

I managed to solve it by referring to this forum (Link:

I have simply done the following:

Copy all DLL from folder <cachesys>\dev\cpp\lib to <python installation path>\Lib\site-packages\intersys

Although I not sure whether how legit is this solution, but this is currently a logical and plausible workaround for the problem I faced here.



Class my_class Extends %Persistent{

Property my_property As %List;



From Cache, I normally update my_property field with $lb($lb(...),$lb(...),...) data. So, I was expecting the following behaviors:


Thank you for your comment. I have no issue with reading the output. The problem I have is regarding the DLL error. From what I understand, $zf invokes OS shell which should be equivalent to CMD. So why is running same script via these 2 approaches give 1 success 1 error. Am I missing some configurations/parameters for $zf?

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