Property Parameters - Used in REST calls

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I am working on my first REST operation concept and had a question about the Property Parameters. If I put a value in CAPTION, does that mean that when I use it in my call that it will come out in the URL?

For example...

Property enumerationType As %String(CAPTION = "enumeration_type");

Then in my operation...

Set tURL=..Adapter.URL_"?q="_pRequest.enumerationType

so when it builds the URL it looks like...

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You need so specify your base URL as URL property and pass the parameters in a method:

set sc = ..Adapter.Get(.httpResponse, "key,key2", "value", "value2")

It would send the following request:

GET /baseURL?key=value&key2=value2 HTTP/1.1


Just following up, can anyone answer my question above?