Mikhail Akselrod · Nov 11, 2020

Programmatical access to "System Mode"


Please, advise how to programmatically set "System Mode" value.

Manually this value can be set via Management Portal > System > Configuration > Memory and Startup > System Mode dropdown.

Value can be programmatically obtained via $SYSTEM.Version.SystemMode() , but  I couldn't  find a programmatical way to set it.

Thank you.

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A quick and dirty way:

set ^|"%SYS"|%SYS("SystemMode")="TEST" // or "LIVE" or "DEVELOPMENT" or "FAILOVER"

Any value could be displayed, TEST and so on are just presets.

Rather than setting the global, could just Do $SYSTEM.Version.SystemMode(newMode) where newMode is LIVE, TEST, FAILOVER, or DEVELOPMENT (case-insensitive).

@Timothy Leavitt 
Am I missing something?


%SYS 6d0>Do $SYSTEM.Version.SystemMode("LIVE")


Ahh... looks like that's just in IRIS (2018.1+)