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Preparing to use VS code for the first time?

Are you preparing to use VS code for the first time? Just make sure you have enough privileges.

Have you defined your Iris server in your VS Code settings, and still get the following error?

VS Code accesses Iris/HealthConnect using the web application /api/atelier. If you do not have permission (i.e. you are using an LDAP user to connect and the web application is not configured to support LDAP), this is the reason why you couldn't connect.

you will also notice a 'Login Failure' entry in the audit database, with the reason for it. Get your system manager to add the needed permission to the web application so you can continue.

After managing to connect to the server, you might not be able to see all the classes/projects in your namespace. Did you see the following error?

to allow user 'keren' to list projects in namespace 'MAIN', run this SQL statement there using an account with sufficient privilege: GRANT SELECT ON %Studio.Project TO 'keren'

The classes/projects list is retrieved by querying the underlying SQL system tables.

your system manager should run the following SQL statement in each of the namespaces you need access to.

GRANT SELECT ON %Studio.Project TO 'keren'

Once this is complete, you can continue your journey to develop using VS Code.


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