· Aug 30, 2017

Performance issue with importing Dashboards url

I have a main page in .NET where I call a Dashboard created in DeepSee like this:

<iframe src="../..zen?DASHBOARD=NameofDashboardKpi1.dashboard&EMBED=1&CacheUserName=&CachePassword=" 

to display the Dashboard in the .NEt page.


My problem is that connection to every Dashboard takes a while, so performance is low.

Any suggestion?

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Dashboards are always fresh calculated.

Compare the performance in .NET  to  IE.  It should be rather close to each other being based on similar technology.

If there is a significant difference then you dig at  .NET end (buffers, ...)

If Chrome is significant faster then IE it's most likely the faster JS engine in Chrome.

Next you could look into global buffers of Caché and concurrent use of the Caché instance.
And (rarely) the complexity of your dashboard

How is the performance of the dashboard from the User Portal?  In theory, it should be the same. I have seen that one thing that can help is to add the &SETTINGS=FILTER to pre-filter your dashboard to an appropriate timeframe and set of results.  DeepSee does have caching, so subsequent openings of the dashboard should run faster than the first time you open it (as long as you don't do anything to violate the cache such as rebuilding a cube).  The other thing to consider is how much does DeepSee need to draw?  If you aren't pre-filtering and you're showing a chart that has 500 lines on it, and then you apply your filters on the dashboard itself, then you're asking DeepSee to do too much drawing (when you can pre-filter).