Stephen De Gabrielle · Apr 29, 2019

Patient index filter in HealthShare/Ensemble?


It is sometimes undesirable to send a full demographic or results feed to departmental clinical systems, that only see a subset of the patients.

While some systems (paediatrics, maternity, geriatrics) can filter on patient demographics, a number of systems are for cohorts of patients that don't fit a particular criteria.

One of our system vendors has a patient index filter service that keeps a local index of relevant patient identifiers, and only forwards matching messages.

Another system takes the full feed, but we gave found this problematic as we can often get demographic updates faster than the receiving system can process them. 

Is there a standard 'patient Index filter' in Healthshare that supports a patient index filter type functionality?


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I haven't come across anything built in as standard that would do this in itself, but I guess it's something you could create within your environment.

I have something a bit similar, but the index is populated by a CSV received daily from another organisation, and then the process compares the HL7 messages against the index and sends if the patient is present in that table before sending.

Thats exactly what I have but instead of a daily CSV extract from the departmental system, it is an A19 query

Hi / It sounds like a good idea! I can think of a number of interfaces I've seen where the target application - a small local system - struggled to keep up with the flow of updates from a large PAS.

The only thing I've done like it was complicated, and had to use a proper Business Process. In that case the "department" was neonatal, so we were only interested in patients admitted to a particular ward. The solution looked for HL7 admissions and transfers to that ward, and when found used the data to create a local record in Caché. Then all other types of message could be checked against those records to see if it needed further processing and passing on (to "BadgerNet" eventually when a full episode was built up). Of course this only works if you can define a clear "starting point" that can be spotted in the message stream.                        / Mike