Evgeny Shvarov · Feb 19

Passwordless mode for Dev Mode IRIS

Hi folks!

Lately (maybe last 2-3 years) I develop with IRIS exclusively in docker - so iris instance I use for compiling and running IRIS apps is local.

And most every time I enter password for management portal and web-apps. The same password every time. Sounds familiar?

Is there an easy way to have a parameter in docker build  for a "dev-mode" that will not ask me a password?

Product version: IRIS 2022.3
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in iris.script for NSP %SYS add

set par("AutheEnabled")=64
set tSC=##class(Security.Applications).Modify("/csp/sys",.par)

the disadvantage:
You are UnknowUser and might need to add the required Roles as well.

set role="%All"
set tSC=##class(Security.Users).AddRoles("UnknownUser",.role,1)

my personal approach is to have a fixed port for SMP
and save my   _SYSTEM / SYS in browser with autofill.

Thanks, Robert!

Fixed port is OK. but often I have more than one running docker image at the same time.

InterSystems does not want support for environment variables for password, as it’s expected by the world, and everyone doing it

as a side effect, there is no way to use services feature in GitHub actions, and I suppose such things may exist in other CI’s. But I found that it could be very useful, and at the moment I have to start IRIS in docker manually and reset password