sansa stark · Nov 10, 2016

ODBC issue

Hi All,

We are accessing the InterSystems`s cache database via UNIX ODBC and displaying the data in PHP website . Recently we have upgraded the PHP version to 5.6.  We are getting the nondisplayable characters (�) for only strings. But the numbers and date fields are displaying correctly. 

While querying the database via ISQL everything working fine (No Special characters).

I have looked around the internet and found the PHP 5.6 changed the default character to UTF-8.

For this issue anything, we can do from cache side.

cache version :

Cache for Windows (x86-32) 2016.1 (Build 656) Fri Mar 11 2016 17:59:39 EST


but we try both 8-bit and unicode cache.




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Caché ODBC driver should recognize the client charset (if correctly sent by client) and use corresponding translation table.

To investigate your issue it would need more details, e.g. produce the ODBC log to see what data is sent by client and server. I would recommend to log it to WRC.

Hwllo Sansa,

Which version of the ODBC driver are you using? Caché ships with Unicode and 8-bit versions of the ODBC Drivers:



The 35 files are for the drivers that support ODBC 3.5. Can you make sure that you are using a Unicode build of the driver?