New Video: Docker Containers: Essential Knowledge

Hi, Community!  

Check the second Developer Community Video of the week:

Docker Containers: Essential Knowledge


After watching this video, you will understand how to use InterSystems products with the agility of a container. @Jeffrey Semmens gives an introduction to what containers are, how they are used, and how to provision InterSystems products within one.

What is more? Basic Docker commands will be shown and fundamental concepts explained.

Please check additional resources here.

You are very welcome to watch all the videos about Docker and Containers in a dedicated Docker and Containers playlist on our DC YouTube Channel. You can also find them on Developer Community Telegram ChannelFacebook Page and  Twitter



Are the Docker-images for Caché/Ensemble already available ?

Checking to see if this is still true. Are there "official" Docker containers for Caché/Ensemble or even HealthShare built on Ensemble?

Also interested to know if the "durable %SYS" solution is available for integration with custom containers?