Nick VanDuyne · Jul 14, 2016

New to Cache trying to run the tutorials getting a compile error

I'm new to Cache and trying to follow the Using Cache Studio PDF. In section 2.4.3(Adding a Zen form) it tells you insert the following code;

<button caption="Save" o select="zenPage.saveRecord();" />

Unfortunately that code fails compilation. If you try and use the tools there is no o select option nor a select or onselect option. I was wondering if anyone has used this PDF before and knows what the correct attribute should be?

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I don't know the tutorial you're talking about, but it's got to be either onclick or onsubmit.   onsubmit if you are submitting form data, onclick otherwise.

As Kyle mentioned your code should be:

<button caption="Save" onselect="zenPage.saveRecord();" />

It appears the section Lisa linked to is not correctly displaying onselect multiple times.