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Try copy-pasting the field "Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys file" from PuTTYgen into a file and use that as the public key - this should be in the format Katherine mentioned.

Hello CM,

What OS is this? What user are you logged into the OS as before starting the terminal/csession?

<PROTECT> errors can sometimes be caused by OS-level permissions on the CACHE.DAT. I recommend to make sure this user has permissions on the CACHE.DAT file and directory. It could be working through SMP because that process will run as the same user as other background processes, which could be a different user than your terminal process.

Hi Mikhail,


Please also see Kate's answer regarding the cuxagent process. It's possible that the cuxagent just isn't logging anything at the time.

Is there a particular problem you are seeing that you are trying to diagnose with this logging?

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