· Mar 2, 2023

Improving your posting experience

We're stoked to share with you yet another set of improvements to our Community!

What's New in ALM Octane version 12.60 CP8

This time, we'd like to show off our posting updates:

  • new programming languages available in the editor
  • guide for creating a post

Read on to find out more!

New programming languages

From now on, when you insert the code, you can choose from a wider variety of programming languages and have it nicely highlighted in your post: 

Tips when creating a post

You've probably already noticed that there are short tips on what should go in each text input when creating a post:

Also, for people who are very new to the Community and are writing their first post (and for everyone else as well), there is a possibility to switch on a helper mode (1). Then for each input, you'll see a more detailed description of what should go where (2).

We hope you'll appreciate our improvements! Your feedback is always welcome in the comments.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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