· Apr 18, 2017

Need to write text file and write to a compressed .zip file

Is there a way to do this? I found the way to store .gz files, but .zip files are different.

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Hi Greg,

The only zip utility that I have come across is in Healthshare (core 10+).

If you have Healthshare then take a look at...


If you don't have Healthshare then it's still easy enough to do via the command line with $zf...

First, if you are on windows then there is no built in command line outside of powershell. You will need to install 7zip (btw, Healthshare defaults to 7zip on windows as well). If you are on Linux then there is a built in zip command, but you might also chose to install 7zip as well.

Couple of trip hazards.

If you are building the command line on windows then 7zip will be installed in "Program Files" with a space, so you will need to wrap quotes around the exe path, which will need double quoting in a cache string.

If you are unzipping to a directory, the directory needs to exist first. Take a look at CreateDirectoryChain on the %File class to make this easier to do.

A simple untested example...

ClassMethod ZipFile(pSourceFile As %String, pTargetFile As %String) As %Status
    set cmd="""C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe"" a "_pTargetFile _" "_pSourceFile
    set status=$zf(-1,cmd)
    if status=0 quit $$$OK
    quit $$$ERROR($$$GeneralError,"Failed to zip, reason code: "_status)

Anyone landing here and happy just to use gzip, then there was a recent discussion here...

Hope that helps.


I was trying to figure out if you had found a secret zip command on windows, but realised from your code you are using...

7zip has always been rock solid for me on windows, and is well maintained. The above zip lib looks like its almost 10 years old now?

Perhaps use a combination of both as per the HS.Util.Zip.Adapter class.

Hello Eduard,

Following your 1st link I've failed to find any info on 7-zip usage. It was about Libre Office stuff.

No problems with 7-zip for Windows (its native OS), not worth to mention that 7z format compression method(s) of its last versions can be unsupported (and uncompressed) with old ones. If using zip format (even with 7-zip), your are quite safe.

p7zip, its Linux branch, which I tried several years ago, performed very poor as it was not multi-threaded (as 7-zip was for years). So we decided to drop it mostly for this reason.

One little hint about 7-zip for Windows: we use its 7za.exe build in our deployment and update procedures as it doesn't need installation and can be just dropped in any place before usage.