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NativeAPI for Java from WebTerminal

Based on the successful solution for my 2nd contribution to the Contest 
I used an adapted version for this package. And have some findings I'd like to share.

Multiple communication steps over CPIPE may take time.
You won't recognize it on a fast machine. But a slower box with
Windows + Docker Desktop + your browser (and more) is neither
"Speedy Gonzales" nor a "Road Runner". 🙂

First observation you launch your OS command and see NO result
On the console, you just sit there and expect a reply.
Establishing the Connection to IRIS is a typical case.
Jour redirected Output is just empty.  

This happens every now and then since between submission of
the user input, execution, and filling of the redirection file is a delay.
Reading of the output file immediately after command submission
doesn't make sense.

So I had to add a delay before checking the result.
As the delay was not sufficient in some cases also a RePaint was added,

I also observed a similar effect also with my command pipe.
To avoid missing content it sometimes required double submission.
I didn't find a real solution, just a workaround.
It mostly happened in my private box.
The OpenDempServer was always fast enough.

Suggestions on how to trace and solve this are welcome.

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