· Mar 21, 2023

Namespace Does Not Support Ensemble

Hey all,

I'm trying to enable an existing namespace to be Ensemble enabled by doing the command do ##class(%EnsembleMgr).EnableNamespac($namespace,1), but I'm still getting the error message. Is there something that I'm missing? 

I've attempted to reboot the server and even went incognito to see if it was a caching issue, but I'm still not able to create an Ensemble production in that namespace.

When I do a write ##class(%EnsembleMgr).IsEnsembleInstalled() it returns a 1. The same goes for the command write ##class(%EnsembleMgr).IsEnsembleNamespace().

Any assistance that can be provided would be appreciated.

Product version: HealthShare 2017.2
$ZV: Build 865_3_20793U
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