· Mar 8, 2016

Multiple Namespaces vs One

We are beginning a project to switch over to a differnt EMR for our inpatient system, and we are wondering if others out here have worked on a similar project and how did you handle your Ensemble environment?

Currently, we use one namespace for all of our HL7 interfaces. Has anyone used a separate namespace for a project to keep the build separate until go-live? What were the pros/cons for you using a different namespace? Or did you use one and what issues did you have because of it?

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I assume your interfaces are all part of a bigger application, AFAIK there is no way to span an Ensemble Production across namespaces and from a EIA/ESB point-of-view having separate (connected) productions running on a single Ensemble instance doesn't make much sense.

Your idea to have individual builds and deployments makes sense though, but that would be more stuff that a dedicated build/deployment tool should be able to do