· Feb 26, 2018

Monitoring with Zabbix

Hi community,

I need to monitor Caché Intersystems with some custom indicators.

I started customizing the SNMP Mib. But I've been in a Zabbix event, all speakers use ODBC to monitor their database, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL ...

What is the best way? Use ODBC or SNMP Custom Mib?
What are you guys using?

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There really isn't a general answer as to what the 'best way' (tm) is. There are way too many dependencies on that.

It really depends on your workflow and requirements of your backend. Zabbix is very well capable of ingesting SNMP data, just as well as ODBC (

Usually the answer to 'the best way' comes down to: what are you most familiar with? To use ODBC you'd need to implement some glue code on the Caché side, same if you were to go with a REST interface. Since you mentioned you have custom indicators, you'll have to write some code in any case. So, again, it comes down to your preferences and preexisting experiences.

Evgeny already pointed out one of the local SNMP articles to get you started on this.