· Nov 27, 2021

Monitoring Dashboard for InterSystems Heath share Health connect

Hi All,

We have a requirement for one webpage that should be access  in our VPN with out authentication. If it asks user name password that also fine.

This page should be a dashboard for the  ensemble health monitoring. Support Team seating Area we have big SMART Monitor which always shows this webpage. Support engineers keep on eye on this monitor, if it shows action required then .  they will act upon immediately. Expecting some widgets like  

  • Queue Status
  • Inbound application status
  • Out bound operations status
  • Database statistics 
  • Mirror Information


I can see some widgets in management portal. But We need separate web application page.

I am developing one solution for my support team requirements. Here I am going to Propose Solution.

Ensemble Integration:

Create Customized Business Service to poll Cache to get the required details and send to Business Process

Create Customised Business Process to check the configured business rules and invoke Business Operation.

Create a Business Operation to make a POST call for to my Rest Service.

Rest Service:

This Service Parse JSON Payload and insert or update into respective table in MYSQL database instance 

React Web Page:

This UI will show the DB summary in respective widgets


 Please advice me any alternative Idea? Is there any tolls available for this?




Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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Another solution can be with SAM :

// Enable Intero metrics for SAM
zw ##class(Ens.Util.Statistics).EnableSAMForNamespace()
zw ##class(Ens.Util.Statistics).EnableSAMIncludeHostLabel()