Laura Blázquez ... · Feb 8, 2017

Monitor and alerts in Ensemble


We want to monitor an Ensemble Production and send custom email alerts in function of some Rules. For example, if we normally receive 1 message per second, if suddenly we receive 5 or more messages per second, we want to send an email alert. And if tomorrow we don't want to check this again, we want to disable it through Ensemble Business Rules.

We first thought in using queries in Ens.MessageHeader table, filtering by date and SourceConfigName, but we have heard that exists the Activity Monitor in Ensemble.

We have enabled it in a production, and the DeepSee dashboard works fine, but how can we programe alerts? How can we enable/disable alerts? Is there anyway to do this?

Thank you in advance.

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Thank you for the information. We know about Ensemble Alerts, and we use it to alert on error, but we did not know that we can set it to alert on other things. The course has been very useful too.

Hi LAURA, i find your topic very intersting, i work on a similar project where i need to alert health professional about patients taken mesures (i need to alert doctor if his patient temperature is higher than 39°C) how can i do it? do you have any  ideas how to configure alert and rules. Thank's


did you find any information about your ask?