· Jun 28, 2021 1m read

The module for exporting a request to an Excel file, as an example of using Python.

For a long time, we have been using a utility in production to export the result of a query to an Excel spreadsheet. Moreover, we have applied a modification of it, in which the explicit setting of column formats is a priority.

This utility used the module %SYS.ZENReportExcelExporter and is based on a java program. Every year the report grew and there was not enough java RAM, so we had to increase the value of the environment variable. The value has reached 7gb and now it has become a problem.

We decided to find and create a replacement for the utility.
Naturally I looked at python and the openxl library.

Taking part in the Embedded Python early access program, I implemented a small example and published it to OpenExchange. I invite those who wish to take part in the development of the functionality. It remains to wait for the final release of the version and apply it in production.

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