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Module for exporting IRIS queries to an Excel file using the python openpyxl library

Hello everyone.
I present this project to the contest. The export module is essential in many of my projects and is often used in all my product servers.

I have implemented various scenarios in the invoke attribute initialization module, both maximalistic with many additional projects to demonstrate in GCR , and minimalistic to install natively in production instance

zpm "install appmsw-sql2xlsx -Dzpm.demo=none"

To demonstrate the possibilities, I used the fileserver and csvgen projects.

To demonstrate the possibility, I propose to perform the following steps: Load a demo and enter the name and password of the superuser \ SYS
In the window that appears, click theSearch button, and then Export


Next, select the menu item csvgen


In the tab that appears, click the Load button, and then Search button, and Export


Next, select the menu item Fileserver

We will see a list of excel files that we can Download


Excel file generated from a template

Please vote

P.S. And when your PR has not yet been merged, it is quite possible to load your modified fork directly from the repo

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